Листовые секционные офсетные печатные машины малого, среднего и большого форматов RMGT.

На сегодняшний день RMGT Ltd. является крупной корпорацией, созданной путём слияния компаний Ryobi Limited и Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd.

Корпорация RMGT предлагает самое современное оборудование для наивысшего качества печати. Весь модельный ряд печатных машин RMGT разработан для максимально удобного обслуживания, обладает исключительной надежностью и рассчитан на длительные эксплуатационные сроки. Данное оборудование позволяет своим владельцам добиваться высокой эффективности и рентабельности, а также получать высококачественную печатную продукцию.

Компания «БелСтарлетт» обладает эксклюзивными правами на поставку в Республику Беларусь офсетных печатных машин RMGT, а также запасных частей к ним.

RMGT 10 and RMGT 11 Straight Press

High Performance Meets Efficiency in RMGT’s Flagship Straight Press

This high-throughput, full-size machine enables any printer to produce high-quality commercial products, as well as color-dominant short-run jobs with fast makereadies and consistent repeatability.

The RMGT 1020ST, 1050ST and 1130ST presses were developed with maximum uptime, exceptional precision and durability in mind. Operational variables common to other press makes that can rob printers of profitable production time, such as excessive powder, oil stains, scratches, sheet misalignment, doubling, ghosting and water marking, have been virtually engineered out of these remarkable machines. Automated plate changing, various preset systems and automatic cleaning greatly shorten makereadies.

Double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders transport paper with minimum flapping, providing stable paper transport even when printing on heavy stock. Fully automated plate changing, a bender-less plate clamping system, a lubrication-free gripper shaft torsion bar and oil-less bearings on gripper shafts of impression and transfer cylinders save your operators hundreds of hours per year. Plus “Maintenance Mode” and “Cleaning Mode” functions result in faster adjustments and quicker press cleanup. The optional LED-UV curing unit dramatically improves work efficiency, lowers power consumption and prevents warping of film and other heat-sensitive media.



RMGT 10 and RMGT 11 Tandem Perfector

Your Operators Will Flip Over This No-Flip Perfecting Press

The revolutionary RMGT Tandem Perfector prints medium and high page counts at speeds rivaling commercial half-web presses with superlative image reproduction. Its exclusive three-cylinder transfer system (called a translink unit) passes backside printed sheets to the front-side units without tumbling the sheets, helping achieve flawless unit-to-unit, side-to-side register and color matching.

Ceramic jackets on all impression cylinders after the translink unit eliminate scratches, dirt and other imperfections in solid print areas. The same leading edge gripper is maintained throughout the run so color matching is more consistent, unit-to-unit and side-to-side. And because the Tandem Perfector does not require as wide a gripper margin as a convertible perfector, it saves one sheet for every 70 sheets run, or 1,428 sheets for a 100,000-sheet run.



RMGT 9 Series

High-performance 9 series printing presses feature superior cost savings

Reliability, versatility and superior cost performance add up to top performing machines in RMGT’s 9 series of offset printing presses. These popular presses stand unrivaled in their appeal to printers who require versatility and excellent print quality.

The RMGT 940 and 920 models were designed for speed and accuracy. Unsurpassed print quality comes with lower operating costs, thanks to shorter makeready times, efficient automated plate-changing, and colors that come out exactly right from start to finish of every print run. The presses’ small footprints and extraordinary energy efficiency give them a market edge for printers in the know.

The RMGT 9 series provides full-color, 8-up printing (for the cost of 6-up) which reduces press time, makes for cost-effective paper usage, and lowers wear-and-tear on printing plates. Color control stays accurate and efficient with the added-value of the LED-UV instant curing technology that is not only environmentally friendly but also allows curing on all substrates, improving work efficiency, reducing power consumption and eliminating warping of film and other heat-sensitive media. Reliability, unsurpassed print quality, and speeds up to 16,200 sheets per hour make the RMGT 9 series a smart choice for printers who want the edge over their competition.



RMGT 7 Series

Powerful 7 series printing presses offer wide range of unit arrangements

The high productivity and profitability of the RMGT 7 series of offset printing presses meet customers’ specific needs for printing and packaging environments. A wide range of unit configurations allows for compatible usage in print shops of many sizes.

The RMGT 790 and 760 models meet the needs of printing professionals who want superb quality in compact presses that offer the most sought-after functions available. Impressive cost-performance takes center stage in these robust presses for multi-variety, small-run printing. New business opportunities come the way of printing professionals who opt for these presses’ many outstanding features.

The RMGT 7 series of commercial presses features double-diameter cylinder configuration, advanced automatic systems and other functions usually found in higher-end systems. Various automatic systems enable efficient plate changing, paper-size presetting, and cleaning, resulting in fast turnaround. RYOBI Program Inking speeds up color tone adjustment while producing clear and accurate coloration, and since the printing control system is built right into the press, it takes up less floor space. High-quality and high-speed printing is assured by digitally controlled management systems with reliable mechanisms and advanced automation devices utilizing cutting-edge technology.