Glunz & Jensen is the world’s leading supplier of innovative, high-quality solutions for the global prepress industry. In addition to developing and producing processors for the offset and flexo printing industry, we also offer after sales service. Our product portfolio also includes exposure units, dryers, light finishers, mounting tables, plate stackers and software for monitoring and controlling complete prepress processes.

Glunz & Jensen has been a recognised leader in prepress for more than 40 years.

Targeting high volume customers who are looking for superior performance in both productivity and quality, the InterPlater HDX enables fully automated integration in the prepress line with both the CtP and post-processing equipment. The InterPlater HDX is the ultimate processing experience in terms of the achievable processing quality and stability, overall productivity (speed), long term reliability (capacity), flexibility in configuration and the level of integration with other prepress equipment. With an open processing platform, the InterPlater HDX can be reconfigured to give the absolute widest processing latitude for any application, to secure a consistent and predictable prepress process with minimum waste and maximized uptime. In addition, we have ensured that the InterPlater HDX is easy to operate with a full graphic control panel. The InterPlater HDX is sure to fulfill your highest expectations for even the most demanding print jobs on a daily basis.

HDX Thermal

HDX Thermal 85/125/165T is the reliable thermal CtP processor that supports high-end commercial applications and integrates the latest principles of thermal plate processing.


Technical specification

Product name HDX85T HDX125T HDX165T
Plate types Thermal plates
Plate width (max), mm 850 mm 1250 mm 1650 mm
Plate length (min), mm 285
Plate thickness, mm 0.15 - 0.4 mm
Processing speed, cm/min ±5% 50 - 220 50 - 180 50 - 180


Kylin 85T

The Kylin 85T processor is a simple solution intended for customers who process thermal and conventional plates.

For customers who want to enjoy the processing stability delivered by Glunz & Jensen equipment, but who can do without the more advanced automated features and options that are available from the high-end processor models - Kylin 85T is just the right choice!

The Kylin 85T processor reuses technology and principles from the high-end processors, but is offered with a more basic configuration, which satisfies the requirements for simple, yet consistent and reliable processing. Kylin 85T is manufactured in Europe and complies with international safety standards, as does all our other equipment.

All Glunz & Jensen thermal procesors can also be used to process conventional CtP plates.



Product name KYLIN 85T
Plate types Thermal and conventional plates
Plate width (max), mm 850 mm
Plate length (min), mm 274
Plate thickness, mm 0.15 - 0.3
Processing speed, cm/min 40 - 140