Over recent years, one of the greatest trends within the printing industry has been more orders for smaller volumes: your customers expect you to quite literally 'print on demand'.

The print production process has historically worked as a series of islands with very little automation between the different steps. The introduction of industry standard communication protocols such as JDF has enabled each step to be connected to the next so that each process can be automated. In addition, Screen EQUIOS workflow allows the control of the various steps in production through a single user interface.


Worflow that combines Screen's prepress knowhow and the latest inkjet technology

EQUIOS Universal Workflow is a workflow concept that allows operation from a single user interface to multiple/different types of devices. It integrates knowhow developed for prepress technology with various functions that make fully automated workflow and high-speed variable printing possible.

EQUIOS is the new-generation workflow from Screen, which provides total support for both Print On Demand (POD) and CtP.


Remote Desktop System extends the printer’s production environment to the customer’s desktop.

Workflow Automation